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I Feel Full But Not Satisfied

Do you ever feel physically full, but not quite satisfied?

If so, make sure to read on.

We'll go over the differences between feeling full vs. feeling satisfied, how it might impact your weight loss journey, and which one you should ultimately aim for!

feel full but not satisfied

Feeling Full

This is when you feel physically full and often happens after you eat.

  • You may feel a bit of gentle pressure and discomfort in your stomach if you're a bit full; or potentially more intense pressure and discomfort if you're very full

  • Your stomach volume has physically extended

  • Your desire to eat is reduced

  • You no longer feel hungry

Feeling Satisfied

This is a little bit different.

Feeling satisfied is when you feel content and pleased around the food you eat.

It's more related to your emotional, mental, and psychological state and level of satisfaction after eating.

For example, you may feel satisfied after:

  • You eat the food you've been craving for the past week

  • You take the time to indulge in your meal mindfully and slowly

  • You eat a well-balanced meal

  • You feel physically full (yes, there can be overlap)

On the other hand, you may not feel satisfied after eating if you:

  • Eat in a rush

  • Eat while you are distracted doing something else

  • Eat food you don't enjoy eating

  • Eat a meal that's missing a certain nutrient (such as protein or carbs)

So What's the Difference Between Feeling Full Vs. Feeling Satisfied?

Here are some examples to highlight the differences:

Scenario #1) Jane feels really full after eating a big salad of just vegetables and protein. However, she doesn't quite feel satisfied. She's still craving something (carbs) and wants more food despite being really full.

Scenario #2) Jane feels satisfied after having a piece of chocolate, which is what she's been craving all week. Even though she's not full from it, she doesn't want any more food because she is so satisfied.

How many times have the above scenarios happened to you?

In Scenario #1), eating more of the salad would just make Jane feel even more full without mentally, emotionally or psychologically satisfying her. All of the extra calories would essentially be "filler calories" in this case.

If she ate the "right" type of food, however, she would likely feel satisfied in a pinch and no longer want to eat. In this case, the "right"type of food was what she was craving and missing from her meal - carbs.

In Scenario #2), Rather than trying to satisfy her craving with a bunch of "filler calories", Jill went straight for what she was craving and stopped eating after 100 calories' worth of chocolate.

This is likely less calories than she would have eaten if she aimed for a "healthier option," as the healthier option wouldn't satisfy her craving, and she would simply eat more of it to try to satisfy her craving.

In other words, you can feel full but not satisfied.

  • You can also feel satisfied but not full.

  • You can feel both satisfied and full.

Okay, So Which Should You Aim For?

Aim to feel satisfied from your meals.

Because when you're satisfied, you will stop eating regardless of whether or not you are full.

And help to prevent any unintentional overeating.

Which will ultimately will help you on your weight loss journey!

Okay, So How Do You Feel Satisfied?

Here are some general tips:

  • Have balanced meals. This includes carbs, vegetables, and protein.

  • Eat what you really want to eat. Rather than trying to satisfy the craving with a bunch of "filler foods" or "filler calories".

  • Make sure you eat enough protein and have protein at every meal. This is because protein is the most satiating nutrient.

  • Make sure you eat enough vegetables. This provides bulk and fibre to your meal to help you to feel full and more satisfied.

  • Eat slowly. This will allow you to enjoy your meal mentally, psychologically and emotionally. This also gives your brain enough time to register that you're full.

  • Eat in a comfortable environment and when you're in an emotionally calm mood. Think about how satisfied you feel eating while you're rushed in a cafeteria, versus when you're at a nice restaurant that you've been looking forward to going for a while.


It's important to know the differences between feeling full vs. feeling satisfied on your weight loss journey.

So that the next time you feel full but not satisfied, ask yourself whether there are some things you can do to feel more satisfied.

And that's it!

👇 Let me know down below - what was your greatest takeaway?


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